To Protect To Serve

No mistake but pure intent

To Protect and Serve


Passionate for APIs

Interface Protection at its Best

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The Misbehaving API-Consumer

Protect from Exposure

Document Behavior

Document behavior that can be dangerous

Producing HTTP Status Codes

Consuming HTTP Status Codes

The malicious actor behaves inherently bad

Behavior and Test-Driven Development

Describing behavior through scenario’s

Given some initial situation
When something happens
Then something is the result.
Given the service consumer is not authorized
And the service is just called by that consumer
When the service called within a second by the same consumer
Then an error-response with error code 401 is returned
And the firewall is reconfigured to block the consumer for 30 minutes
Document how to act in response to bad behavior
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Some people see things and ask ‘Why?’ I dream of things and ask ‘Why not?’

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